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US:ES is a business development consulting firm that explores ideas, strategizes and formulate workable plans and executes those plans for the development and expansion of a company's sales and marketing channels at the ground level. We are here to support and improve the entire value chain of business processes involved, beginning at the Manufacturer's end, all the way to the Retailers along with working for the Service Organisations (profit & non-profit).

Our aim is to build a sustainable and ever growing business platform for all our partners and associates by removing obstacles from their path. This in turn helps in reducing the gap amongst the various stakeholders. By taking businesses to their optimum level, we strive to contribute and bring about a significant change in the entire economic cycle of the nation.

We are a group of business driven people who understand and support the aspirations of enterprising individual(s) and/or entity(ies) to achieve her/his/their dreams by providing our expertise and network.

US:ES as a model concept offers its partners and associates a perfect combination of Job and business: Job like approach and Business aspirations. Therefore, it is neither a Job nor a Business. It’s "JoBusiness",

Each business centre of our associate(s) is considered like our Head Office which is directly taken care of and managed from our registered office in Mumbai. Our group has experience in handling business with our ever growing network of 10000+ retailers, 1000+ dealers and distributors, 100+ of companies.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

“Of the enterprising people, by the enterprising people, for the enterprising people”

  • To nurture Entrepreneurs and lead them to the path of success
  • To be a pioneer in idea innovation & incubation and strategy development in sales and market
  • To support and improve enterprises, run by entrepreneurs only
  • To create a strong network for improving the value chain for business processes
  • To reduce business failures due to lack of sales and marketing network
  • To open business opportunities for masses and steer them towards a business culture
  • To support social cause and organisations

Mr. Nishant Jaiswal

Founder & Chief Mentor

Explorer, Initiator, Executor, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Personal & Professional Coach
Our Chief Mentor has 20+ years of experience in idea exploration, innovation, strategic planning, business (sales-marketing) development and implementation, b2b and team management along with consultancy. He has helped many individuals and industries in achieving their true potential and the journey is still going on.

He has an enriching work experience with prominent companies like Pidilite, Reynolds, Bengal Surgical, Paras Pharmaceutical, Alembic Pharma, Medimix, Bharti Airtel, Emami, Reliance Money, Angel Broking, Bonanza Portfolio and many.

He has been associated with various commercial, social welfare and spiritual organisations being Chamber of Commerce, Lions Clubs International, Art of Living, Isha Foundation, YSS, Aurobindo Society.


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Our group experience

Our group has experience in handling the business with 10000+ retailers, 1000+ dealers and distributors, 100+ of companies.







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