Programs of study available in the U.S through USES


Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Operations, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering.

Computer Science

Software engineering, Software design and development, Information system management, Database management, Distributed Computing, Object-oriented technology, Biomedical informatics


Accounting, Finance, Business Economics, Management, Marketing, General Business, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Biotechnology and Biomedicine

Cell and Molecular Biology (Genetic Engineering), Biostatistics & Clinical Trials, Medical Informatics & Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences (Microbiology, Nutritional Sciences), Occupational Safety and Health Management.

Health Professions

Physical Therapy, Speech-language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant Studies, Radiation Therapy, Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Public Service Professions

Public Administration, Health Administration, Public Policy, Urban Planning, Non Profit Organizations, Philanthropic Studies, Criminal Justice.


Biology, Genetics, Natural Resources Management, Environmental sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biopsychology, Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Movement Science, Geochemistry, Earth Sciences

Social Work

Professional social work, Medical social work, Psychiatric social work, Urban & Rural Community development.

Other Disciplines

Anthropology, Sociology, Geography and Planning, Geology, Communication Studies, Health communications, History, International Relations, Journalism, Music, Dance, Art and Design, Modern Languages and Literatures, Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Preprofessional studies, Classics and many others.